Toledo Area Linux Users Group

Article I: Name

The official name of the organization will be the Toledo Area Linux Users Group (TALUG.)

Article II: Purpose

  1. To promote awareness and use of GNU/Linux and open source software in the greater Toledo area
  2. To provide a forum and a resource for sharing GNU/Linux information with all Linux users

Article III: Membership

To become a member of TALUG, there is currently only one requirement: register for an account on our website.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1: Officers

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Website Administrator

Section 2: Responsibilities

  1. Preside over the meetings
  2. Organize and publicize meetings
  3. Record meeting minutes and make them publicly available
  4. Maintain a list of all current members
  5. Account for all the organization's fiscal dealings
  6. Appoint committee chairs to coordinate specific tasks
  7. Administer, maintain, and patch official website

Section 3: Roles and Responsibilities Document

  1. An official document shall be maintained detailing specific responsibilities and assigning those responsibilities to the offices.
  2. This document can be updated as needed, but not within the eight weeks prior to an election.

Section 4: Board Votes

The officers will make decisions on behalf of the organization by majority vote, with the President breaking ties.Section 5: Qualifications

Section 5: Qualifications

  1. For officers
    1. Member as defined by Article III
    2. Able to perform designated duties of the office
    3. An officer can only accept one nomination at a time.
  2. For voters
    1. Must be a member as defined by Article III

Section 6: Elections

  1. The election date will fall on the first meeting after July 1st.
  2. Voting procedures:
    1. The President will announce the impending election to the membership. This announcement must be released at least two (2) weeks prior to the nomination deadline. The announcement should present the purpose of the election and explain voting eligibility.
    2. All votes must be submitted via email to votes [at] talug [dot] org fourty-eight (48) hours prior to the election date.
    3. The results will be announced at the election date.
    4. Nominations with consent must be submitted 4 weeks prior to the election date.
    5. Only votes for nominated candidates will be counted.
    6. Voting will be done by issued electronic plain text ballot counted by the secretary. If the secretary is a candidate, then a non-candidate appointed by the President will issue the count.
    7. The candidate wins if he/she receives the majority of the votes for that office.
    8. The election date must coincide with a regular meeting.
  3. The highest ranking active officer will appoint a temporary officer in the event of a vacancy. The temporary appointment will last until the next election.
  4. Interim elections will be held as needed.
  5. Interim elections follow the same procedures as regular elections.

Section 7: Recall

An officer may be removed for failure to satisfy responsibilities by a 2/3 majority of votes cast, with a minimum 1/2 of all eligible members voting.

Article V: Presidential Succession

  1. In the event that a President is unable to perform his/her duties, the following order of succession will be used:
    1. Vice-President
    2. Secretary
    3. Website Administrator
    4. Treasurer
  2. The resulting vacancies will then be filled as described in Article IV, Section 6.

Article VI: Meetings

  1. We will endeavor to hold regular monthly meetings.
  2. Meetings are open to the public.

Article VII: Donations

  1. Donations of any amount are accepted.
  2. Donations will be made to the treasurer.

Article VIII: Amending the Constitution

  1. Any voting member may submit an amendment to the secretary.
  2. The Secretary is then to submit the amendment to all officers for discussion. The amendment may be revised at this point. A vote of the board will then be taken. If a majority is in favor (President breaks ties), a general vote will occur.
  3. The vote for the amendment will take place at the next regularly scheduled general meeting once the following occurs:
    1. Acceptance through a majority vote of the officers
    2. Release of an announcement informing the membership of the impending vote. This announcement must be released at least 2 weeks prior to the vote. The announcement should present the language of the amendment and explain who is eligible to vote.
    3. A 2/3 majority of votes cast, with a minimum 1/2 of all eligible members voting, is required to pass the amendment. If the amendment does not pass, it will be sent back to the board for consideration or abandonment.