Toledo Area Linux Users Group

Our old site sucked, so we nuked it from orbit. We have a brand new one in the works. We are looking for someone to help with the new site design as well as people to write various articles and contribute to our web presence. If you'd like to help out, please contact me.

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Our Next Meeting

Saturday, August 08, 2015 from 11:00 AM to ???
Wildwood Metropark, Whitetail Shelter
Picnic with the Toledo Web Professionals

Meeting Notes

Quoted from TWP’s MeetUp event page:

Get ready for BBQ TWP style. Come to our summer picnic/potluck for Toledo's tech community. This is a family event so bring your spouse, kids and enjoy the park!  

Please register for the event on EventBrite ( ) as an attendee and sign up to bring a potluck item, games and yourself.  

Working with other Tech Toledo groups such as The Nerd SummitTALUGToledo UX-Design, and Toledo Region, we're excited to bring you this meetup opportunity.  We're providing a shelter, pre-heated charcoal fire grills, plates, utensils, condiments and buns. Please sign up to attend, bring games, a side dish and or dessert. Also please bring a form of protein to cook on the grill plus your own non-alchoholic beverages.  

We're promoting this as a summer version of Tech Toledo's Holiday Mixer. Please spread the word and bring your friends! This is a great way to meet interesting new people, play games and have fun. We are very excited to offer this event. 

If your organization would like to contribute, please reach out to any of our organizers. We are glad to have you on board! 

Venue Details

The details for this meeting location can be found at the Toledo Metroparks website.